BierKunst meets BrauKunstKeller – The Perfect Match?

Earlier this month, on a cool misty morning I packed up my gear and headed to Michelstadt in the Odenwald for a photo shoot to gather new shots and ideas for future projects. Tiled floors and walls, old copper brew-kettles and a narrow stairway leading down to a couple hundredyear-old, maze-like rock cellar. Brewmaster Alex Himburg couldn’t have chosen a better name for his craft brewery than BrauKunstKeller (engl.: Brew Art Cellar).

Shortly after arrival I was welcomed by Alex and his brew-crew, taken on a little tour though the building and handed a couple bottles (with beer),  a box full of glasses and permission to “roam free” before I was let loose! After being a little concerned about the weather at first, it turned out to be in my favor to set the mood for my photos. The gloomyness was perfect to bring out the character and history of the place.

So four hours and a couple hundred pictures later (I”ve to say there’s definitely some convenience about digital compared to 35mm…) I was done and ready to enjoy the beers I was given in the beginning – little warm but still very tasty… and aren’t Germans drinking their “cold” drinks at roomtemp anyway? 🙂

All in all I can only repeat myself by saying Thank you Herr Alex – Brewmaster – Himburg for opening the doors to your brewery to me.

This day, hopefully, was only the begin of a new chapter of my life back in Germany and my adventures through the world of beer… I’m looking forward to what will come next and where my lens will take me!


Craftbeer goes Bundesliga!

I love beer and I love soccer – Eintracht Frankfurt to be more exact! Inspired by a recently posted craft beer map of Germany by Hopfen & Malz and Bundesliga’s Game Day postings (and probably due to overexcitement of the upcoming Eintracht game) I felt like the world … and most certainly me … need a “Craft Beer Battle” based on the Microbreweries located in/near the Team-Cities!

Will there be more “battles”? YES!
Other than Eintracht Frankfurt? Probably!
What is my goal? Curiosity! Starting with my next graphic I’m looking forward to see your responses, opinions or bets!
So stay tuned…