Berlin, Berlin….

“Berlin, Berlin, we’re driving to Berlin…” – actually I’m flying – to explore Deutschland’s great capital with the hubby… and maybe have one or two local beers 😉


Last time I was there was in 2001 and hubby has never been, so I’m sureo lots has changed and our list of sights & places we want to see is long: Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Checkpoint Charlie, of course, Siegessäule, Holocaust memorial and the Berliner Dom to only mention a few…

Oh and did I mention we happen to be there right when this years Wurst & Bier market (sausage & beer fest) returns to Markthalle 9 for the second time this Sunday in Berlin Kreuzberg…. what a coincidence 😉

Last year it was a complete success! They were flooded by people who curious about how those two traditional German crafts accompany each other.

Many local craft butchers and breweries but also Brewers from all over Germany will be there to show off their brews and pair some of them with local artisan sausages and other specialities.

There will be sausage & beer tastings, show brewing & sausage crafting, and special beer & sausage pairings such as “Räucherbier und Geräuchertes” [smoked beer and smoked sausages] with Rory Lawton from Berlin Craft Beer and Franz Pozelt from Slow Food Berlin!

I’m looking forward seeing, smelling and tasting what this diverse city, a place with so much history has to offer, how it changed and how I will walk through the streets now compared to when I was in my teens, with a different mindset and a much better camera 😉
I’m excited to see a few of our friends and craft beer family again, to meet new people and as always find some excellent and interesting brews!

Hope to meet you there until then,



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