Chocolate Flanders Strawberry Jam Cups

I’ve been cooking and baking with beer for a while now, unfortunately not writing the exact recipes down because I started taking our favorite recipes and began substituting or adding beer to it… Luckily enough most of the time it worked out good to great. Problem, as mentioned, I have all recipes in my head and never wrote them down… so I decided to change that and start putting everything to paper (or screen)

Last Friday, the day of my Barley’s Angels Rhein-Main Beer & Chocolate pairing it came over me again and I had to make something for my ladies. Obviously something with cocoa this time. Since I wanted to start the tasting with a homebrew, a Flanders Red, it was an easy decision to use it for my recipe because we have it on tap and I didn’t have to open a bottle. And I wanted it to be a fairly quick and easy recipe.

After a few minutes browsing through my recipe-box I found a Chocolate Cup recipe. All it said I need was chocolate couverture, nuts and mini muffin or praline papers.

The chocolate I planned to pair with the Flanders Red was a 75% dark chocolate bar from Columbia, which has a well-balanced sweetness and roundness that will remind you of butterscotch… mmmhh!!

Instead of nuts I used beer infused low sugar strawberry jam for the center to increase the fruitiness and counters the acidity of the beer. All in all it didn’t take much longer than 25min with just a little chocolate mess and a chocolate scented house 😉

So here’s what you need:

  • 100 gramm [3,5 oz] Pralus 75% Colombie (or any 70%-80% dark chocolate should work)
  • 2 oz Flanders Red  [or perhaps 1 to 10 sips more because you’ll have to test if the beer is still good in between the first steps 😉 ]
  • ~100 gramm [~6 tbs] Low Sugar Strawberry Jam
  • 3 gramm gelatin
  • 20 mini muffin or praline papers


Add water to a pot and bring to a boil. Add the chocolate to cereal bowl and put bowl in pot and reduce heat to medium. Stir chocolate until it’s melted

Line a mini muffin tin or baking tray with mini muffin papers. Add about 2 teaspoons of chocolate to the muffin papers (about 1/3 full). Use the back of a spoon to “paint” the sides of the mini muffin papers. Make sure to cover the entire paper. Chill in fridge until the chocolate has set [5 to 10 minutes]

In another pot add jam and beer; stir until well combined; heat without bringing to a boil. Add gelatin to beer-marmalade mix, stir and let it rest until mixture thickens.

Fill the chilled chocolate cups with beer-jam mixture until just below the top.

Add a small amount of melted chocolate to the top of the beer-marmalade, making sure to cover the entire mound of beer-jam, smoothing to make a flat top. Chill until set, about ten minutes

If you still have beer left over give it a try and see if the beer’s still good and pairs well with the chocolate cups. 🙂

Happy cooking & Cheers!

Thanks for reading




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