About me

I’m the founder and owner of the small silkscreen print, photo and design studio called
The ART of Beer, also known as BeerArtAustin, currently located just outside of Mainz, Germany. self portrait

I graduated the University of Austin as a screen printing print and graphic artist in 2012 and has been working as freelance artist since 2008/09.
I am passionate about printing beer related silkscreens, which are all hand pulled. I also love digital photography projects and designing custom graphics for private or small businesses and organizations with customers in the USA, Germany and Switzerland.

I am involved in the home and craft beer industry since 2008, knowledge includes an understanding of styles, brewing, ingredients, history of beer and brewing, glassware, beer service, beer tasting and food pairings.

Since 2014 I am the Barley’s Angels Rhein-Main Chapter leader and Cicerone Certified Beer Server and Beersommeliere working on receiving my Cicerone Certification in Spring 2015.

I’m also skilled in photo-editing, photo-restoring and photo-manipulation, web design and support, social media engagement and strategy; volunteer recruitment, coordination, and management; beer review, writing and editing.

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