Beer Review #5: CREW Republic Munich Summer

Whether you are a local or a visitor, in the summerIMG_6546 everything is all about the beer gardens in Munich. This 200-year-old tradition is just as typical as Weisswurst and Lederhosen.

The CREW Republic Munich Summer is as one might expect, not a wheat beer, but a light Golden Ale or Summer Ale. This beer style is especially popular in the warmer summer months and hot temperatures because Summer ales are brewed with light malts and subtle hops with lemon aromas and fermented at slightly higher temperatures to bring out the fruity ester notes of the yeast.

Already when pouring you can see a slightly hazy, golden body with a finger wide pored, soft white head which dissipates slow and leaves moderate lacing on the glass.

The aroma has slight Amarillo grapefruit notes accompanied by resin and a light, sweet malt aroma. The first impression is repeated in the taste: the first sip highlights slightly sweet and some creamy malt aromas, followed by subtle fruity citrus and pine notes.

The finish is pleasant, a bit dry and a low hop bitterness. The creamy light body has a soft, moderate carbonation and the flavor lingers for a little while.


Overall, the CREW Republic Munich Summer is a very solid, mild and refreshing golden ale with pleasant dry-hopped Amarillo aromas. Very tasty and recommened!